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Course Outline:

Disc One


Unit One - The basics

Chapter 1. Fractions

Chapter 2. Evaluate and Exponents

Chapter 3. Writing Algebraic Expressions

Chapter 4. Order of Operations and Substitution

Chapter 5. Associative and Commutative Properties

Chapter 6. Simplifying Expression


Unit Two - Number Theory

Chapter 1. Introduction to Square Roots

Chapter 2. Classifying Numbers

Chapter 3. The Number Line

Chapter 4. Adding Signed Numbers

Chapter 5. Subtracting Signed Numbers

Chapter 6. Multiplying Signed Numbers

Chapter 7. Divisiono of Signed Numbers


Unit Three. Solving Equations

Chapter 1. Solving One-Step Equations

Chapter 2. Solving Multi-Step Equations

Chapter 3. Solving Equations with a Variable on Both Sides

Chapter 4. Solving Literal Equations

Chapter 5. Word Problems: Solving One-step and Multi-step Equations


Disc Two


Unit Four. Graphing Equations

Chapter 1. The Coordinate Plane

Chapter 2. Slope

Chapter 3. Graphing Linear Equations

Chapter 4. Parallel and Perpendicular Lines


Unit Five. Inequalities

Chapter 1. Solving One-Step Inequalities

Chapter 2. Solving Multi-Step Inequalities

Chapter 3. Introduction to Intersection (And) and Union (Or)

Chapter 4. Solving Compound Inequalities

Chapter 5. Graphing Inequalities with Two Variables


Unit Six. Absolute Value and Squared Quantities

Chapter 1. Solve Absolute Value Equations

Chapter 2. Solve Absolute Value Inequalities

Chapter 3. Solve Squared Quantities


Disc Three


Unit Seven. Solving Systems of Equations

Chapter 1. Solving Systems by Graphing

Chapter 2. Solving Systems by Substitution

Chapter 3. Solving Systems by Elimination

Chapter 4. Word Problems: Solving Systems of Equations

Chapter 5. Solving Systems of Inequalities


Unit Eight. Polynomials

Chapter 1. Zero and Negative Exponents

Chapter 2. Multiplying Monomials

Chapter 3. Dividing Monomials

Chapter 4. Arranging Polynomials

Chapter 5. Adding and Subtracting Polynomials

Chapter 6. Multiplying Polynomials


Disc Four


Unit Nine. Factoring

Chapter 1. Prime Factorization

Chapter 2. Factoring Out the Greatest Common Factor

Chapter 3. Factoring Trinomials of the form

Chapter 4. Factoring Trinomials of the form

Chapter 5. Factoring Differences of Squares

Chapter 6. Factor Perfect Square Trinomials

Chapter 7. Zero Product Property

Chapter 8. Quadratic Formula

Chapter 9. Word Problems: Solving Quadratic Equations


Unit Ten. Radicals

Chapter 1. Simplifying Radicals

Chapter 2. Adding and Subtracting Radicals

Chapter 3. Multiplying Radicals

Chapter 4. Dividing Radicals

Chapter 5. Solving Radical Equations

Chapter 6. Distance Formula

Chapter 7. Pythagorean Theorem


Unit Eleven. Matrices

Chapter 1. Introduction to Matrices

Chapter 2. Adding and Subtracting Matrices

Chapter 3. Multiplying Matrices